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Yes, many Republicans really do want to impeach Obama

If you think New York Times columnist Ross Douthat is right in arguing that impeachment is just a “game” that President Obama is playing, you need to get up to speed by reading this, this and this. Republicans have been calling for Obama’s impeachment almost from the day he took office in 2009.

What’s really going on: Establishment Republicans are trying to divert attention from their own wingnut base. And Douthat is happy to give them cover.

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  1. Rick Peterson

    Dan, you would do well to read Peggy Noonan’s piece in yesterday’s WSJ. You have obviously decided to plant your flag as far to the left as possible, as is your immutable right. You also have the right to brand “Establishment Republicans” as “wingnuts”. Again, have at it. Perhaps to someone as far left as you, Mitt Romney looks like a bourgeois counter-revolutionary. Just remember though that at some point, when EVERYTHING is non-negotiable, marriages have a way of breaking up. Things get said, dishes get thrown. Divorces are sad. The thought that the Republic could be one of them, however, while unthinkable, is gaining credence. Reflect a bit before tossing the next grenade. There are as many whackos on the left as on the right. How many divorced people do you know who wonder: “how did it come to this?”

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Rick: Read what I wrote. I didn’t say Establishment Republicans are wingnuts. I said Establishment Republicans (i.e., John Boehner) are pretending that impeachment is a Democratic invention as a way of covering up for their own wingnuts (i.e., the long lists of Republicans pushing impeachment that I linked to). As for Romney, here’s what I wrote about him in November 2011. Since you’re tossing around the labels, let me just say that I am an extreme right-winger’s idea of what a left-winger looks like.

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