A limited trademark ruling leads to tabloid gold

As this NPR story makes clear, the Washington Redskins trademark ruling will have little effect. The trademark continues to exist even without federal registration, and the team will still be able to sue in civil court for trademark infringement.

So what do we have on the front page of today’s Boston Herald? School mascots under attack! Including, for some reason, the Warriors.


3 thoughts on “A limited trademark ruling leads to tabloid gold

  1. Mike Rice

    If it’s no big deal then why is the Obama administration, namely the US Trademark and Patent Office going after the Washington Redskins?

  2. The ‘New England Anti-Mascot Coalition’? Really? The Cape Cod Times had a similar story today about the Barnstable Red Raiders.

    My own high school was South High in Worcester and our mascot was the Southern Colonel – a sort of Yosemite Sam rip-off shooting six-guns and dressed like Col. Sanders. I wonder what the Anti-Mascot Coalition would have made of that.

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