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Jared Remy joins his dad in attacking Margery Eagan

So now both Jerry and Jared Remy have gone after Boston Herald columnist Margery Eagan for daring to criticize the RemDawg for taking legal action to gain access to his granddaughter, left motherless by the allegedly homicidal actions of his son. And there was Jerry yucking it up with Don Orsillo during last night’s Red Sox game. (Herald story here; Eagan column here.)

How long is NESN prepared to let this on-air debacle continue? (Note: Eagan is a WGBH colleague.)

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  1. Nope nope nope! Absolutely not. Leave Margery alone, Meanies!

  2. We all know he’s most comfortable when he’s attacking a woman, after all.

  3. Perhaps the Red Sox and NESN are hoping to demonstrate loyalty towards a long-time on air personality and will let him gracefully retire.

    As to Remy, the son, he would have a point about leaving his family out of it if:
    a; Dad wasn’t paying for premium legal counsel – over and over again.
    b. The enabling Dad, wasn’t a public figure with a job that is much more than the “making a living” that he has characterized it as. .

  4. How about waiting for pre trial info and understand that Dad did not encourage his son to kill. Where is the logic in bashing the family of Jared. Have some tolerance please.

  5. Aaron Read

    There is a financial incentive to allow the Remys to keep bashing the Herald, given that Jerry’s employer…the Red Sox…are owned by the same guy who owns the Globe.

    In reality, I think that probably hurts more than it helps, since the Herald plays the victim far, far better than either Remy does. Granted, the bar is set rather low for THAT, but still, the Herald’s quite good at playing the victim…

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