Joe McGinniss, author of ‘Fatal Vision,’ has died

I just learned that Joe McGinniss has died. McGinniss was the author of a very good book about Richard Nixon and an atrociously bad one about Jeffrey MacDonald, the Green Beret physician who’s been in prison for decades after being convicted of killing his family — a case that I believe was deeply flawed.

Here is what I wrote for Book Forum in 2012 about Errol Morris’ “A Wilderness of Error,” which attempts to set the record straight.


One thought on “Joe McGinniss, author of ‘Fatal Vision,’ has died

  1. E. M. Unfred

    MacDonald did it. You do not even have to examine the forensic evidence. He claims that hippies chanting “Acid is groovy. Kill the pigs.” did the killings. That quote can only exist in the imagination of a square Army officer who had never met any real ‘hippies’. It is an invented quote straight from Dragnet.

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