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Lara Logan’s fair and balanced future

I give it six months before Lara Logan is hosting a talk show on Fox News and whining that she was done in by liberals. (See this New York Times report.)

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  1. Great future at Faux “news” – she will have no long term loss or downgrade – sadly the lies and half truths she put out will live on forever

  2. Bob Desrosiers

    Wow….this is neither a Right nor Left story….nice to see knee-jerk reactions from Dan and the first commenter.

    What does this change about the facts of Benghazi?

    Failure to secure an embassy in spite of knowing the increase in threats. Failure to send help to an embassy under attack. Failure to be truthful to the American people by fabricating some crazy story about a video, while they knew it was an Al-Qaeda 9-11 anniversary attack. Even with the Lara Logan issues with the story…..none of the facts change. This is still a travesty. And has nothing to do with Right, Left or Fox news.

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Bob: The story that “60 Minutes” broadcast — as opposed to the larger story, about which reasonable people can differ — was about Dylan Davies, who appears to be a pathological liar. Do you think CBS acted properly in getting rid of Dan Rather and Mary Mapes over the phony National Guard documents, even though the story was otherwise correct (and, in fact, had been reported by The Boston Globe four years earlier)? I do, and I’ll bet you do, too. This has nothing to do with ideology — it’s about journalistic standards.

  3. Bob Desrosiers

    **This has nothing to do with ideology — it’s about journalistic standards.** Agreed… why the “done in by Liberals” and Fox news snarkiness? Your first commenter picked up on the snarky bait too….

    • Dan Kennedy

      Check her record, @Bob. Logan has long since come out as a conservative activist.

  4. Bob Desrosiers

    **Logan has long since come out as a conservative activist.** Again, this has nothing to do with this story, regardless of her being a Liberal or Conservative.

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Bob: You think it has nothing to do with why she so gullibly believed Dylan Davies? Well, all right then.

  5. Bob Desrosiers

    OK…I hear your point….I think it has more to do with your negativity and skepticism in general than anything factual to point to. But it’s your blog…snark away!

  6. Laurence Glavin

    If she does become an anchor or commenter on the Faux Right-Wing Propaganda Network, will she have dye her hair much lighter than it is now and wear more skimpy outfits than she did on CBS? BTW, Rachel Maddow got fairly rambunctious than usual last night because she was reporting on limits on campaign spending by zillionaires. She’s often very animated anyway, while Megan Kelly tends to sit still so as not to disturb the makeup she’s wearing to look much younger. Maybe she’s seen the last act of the opera “The Makropoulos Case by Janacek wherein the title character who’s really 900 years old gets tired of life and decides not to prolong it with magical potions!

  7. Andre Mayer

    “This has nothing to do with ideology — it’s about journalistic standards.” No, not really. Journalists believe liars all the time, and rarely get fired for it unless they offend someone powerful enough to get them fired, which is often an ideological bloc. The Logan firing may be an exception to the extent that it’s based on the Rather precedent, but I don’t see that actual ethical principles are involved. As to Rather/Maples, bear in mind that their due diligence on the forged documents exceeded that of the entire federal apparatus on the yellowcake uranium story … which brings us to Judith Miller, hiding her journalistic malfeasance behind an appeal to ethical standards.

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