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How’s that trade working out? (XX)

The story isn’t online, but here’s a teaser from the new issue of Sports Illustrated:


He was once the unlikeliest of idiots in a band of heroes that made history. Nearly a decade later, Bronson Arroyo is still standing, still chilling to his own beat, still one of the game’s most dependable innings-eaters.

I believe Wily Mo Peña played in Japan last year. Not sure what he’s doing this year.

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While we wait for the John Henry announcement


  1. First – XX? Really?
    But Baseball Reference is my friend and it should be yours, too!–002wil

    So, a partial answer – he’s played 40 games in Japan this year. OPS of .592, no HRs.

    But hey, Arroyo’s OPS this year is .162 with no HRs. So there. 🙂

    • Mike Rice

      …and Dice-K is now a minor leaguer playing in the states. Go figure.

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