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Some thoughts on that Rolling Stone cover (III)

My interview with News@Northeastern.

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  1. jim morris

    When the Boston Herald is complaining about another publication’s supposed “sleazy cover choice” you know you’ve entered the Twilight Zone of hypocrisy. I find myself becoming increasingly disgusted by this entire “controversy” There is not a news organization in this country that hasn’t milked the bombing for every last bit of profit they can get from it. I’m not criticizing. That’s what they do. But for them to then get so self righteous over the Rolling Stone cover is just nauseating. As the New Yorker article you referenced points out – if it makes him look like a “rock star” maybe it’s because that’s what he looks like. What should they have done – drawn horns and fangs on the photo? I’m weary of ginned up outrage. I’m also weary of people invoking the “victims of the bombing” as a club with which to beat those they disagree with. Mostly what I see is people using the bombing and this photo as an excuse to vent their own bile and promote their own agendas. The bombing was a horrific event, but the way some people are using it, and I’m not talking about Rolling Stone, is despicable.

  2. Laurence Glavin

    A few years ago, after a Red Sox victory in the playoffs that resulted in boisterous crowd activity bordering on a riot, a young woman was hit by a non-bullet bullet that nonetheless killed her on the spot. Her body fell on a sidewalk with blood oozing from her ears. The Boston Herald took a picture of her and put it on the front page of the next day’s paper. That photo was so vile and inappropriate that Howie Carr defended it. So even under different ownership, I don’t think the Herald is in a position to criticize “Rolling Stone”.

  3. Mike Benedict

    Had they put the victims on the cover, wouldn’t that have been exploitative?

  4. Aaron Read

    And now Northeastern, BU and…chillingly…UMass Amherst and UMass Dartmouth are all pulling the issue from their campus bookstores. No wonder kids today are so accepting of the thought police; they’re sure not learning under anything else when they’re in college.

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