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A venerable precedent for nonprofit journalism

Here’s something I completely forgot when I wrote recently about the IRS’s assault on nonprofit journalism: The Associated Press is a nonprofit. It’s time for the IRS to resume approving 501(c)(3) status for nonprofit news organizations.

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  1. DK – I doubt the AP is a 501-c-3, which is a public charity. There are 29 types of 501-c organizations –

    Chambers of Commerce, Veterans Posts, Burial Companies – all are 501-c organizations. The web site doesn’t say, but I would be the AP is a 501-c-6. This is a little commented on aspect of the whole IRS scandal – the main quality of a 501-c-4 is that they don’t have to disclose the identity of donors, which many other types do. It makes that form popular with the George Soros and Karl Rove element – both of them were able to create new political C-4’s while the IRS was punishing little guys with treasuries of $4,000.

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