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Is Wayne LaPierre a vile nut or just a regular nut?

The New York tabloids weigh in.

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  1. L.K. Collins

    Forgive me for saying is, Dan, but your knee-jerk expression of your raging hatred of those with ideas that differ from yours is somewhat tiresome.

    You should be congratulating the NRA and LaPierre for presenting themselves as so out-of-touch.

    Should you take some time to be rational, you will see that your response is more akin to LaPierre’s than you would like your reading public to see.

  2. Sean Griffin

    A vile nut.
    Saw this link earlier today: Former President George H.W. Bush’s resignation letter to the N.R.A. (circa 1995)

  3. Mike Benedict

    One wonders what L.K. would have said to those who opposed Stalin.

  4. L.K. Collins

    I do notice Mikie, that you chose not to take some time to be rational.

    No where in my post did I suggest the Lapierre was correct. My comments was to Dan and the advisability of letting the Emperor of Guns continue to shot himself…and his cause…in the foot.

    He was doing a great job, and one has to wonder whether Dan’s rant was about Dan insisting on a “me too” moment, or just unable to control himself.

    Either way, it suggests a great deal about Dan and how he deals with things.

  5. Dan Kennedy

    I wonder if there’s anyone other than @L.K. Collins who doesn’t realize I was quoting from the front pages of the New York tabloids. Because the item was, you know, about the New York tabloids.

  6. Rick Peterson

    Suddenly the Post has credibility? How about an analysis of anti-gun activists and how often they are quoted vs. the less headline-grabbing subject of the failure of community mental health care? Gov. Dukakis was all for claiming that Titicut Follies was an accurate portrayal of state mental hospitals. They were closed, everyone felt better about themselves and now we have a homeless population out of control with mental issues. The ACLU worries more about the rights of people that harm themselves than those of the other people they harm. We closed dreary yet safe institutions so that people can live under bridges? This is progress?
    (BTW, DK, maybe LK was looking for quotation marks?)

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Rick: In addition to its sheer entertainment value, the Post sometimes provides some insight into where Murdoch’s media empire is headed. First Murdoch came out in favor of some gun-control measures. Now his Post has denounced the NRA. It will be interesting to see where Fox News takes it from here. This is worth a quick look.

  7. L.K. Collins

    No, Dan, your were channeling you inner hatreds which are often on display.

  8. Sean Griffin

    That Adam Lanza was homeless is news to me.

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