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David Brooks, 140 characters at a time

David Brooks speaking at the Kennedy School. Photo by Lauren Schaad. Original in the Storify referenced below.

New York Times columnist David Brooks ripped into the Republican Party for failing to come to grips with a country whose diversity is on the rise. The Republicans, he said Thursday evening at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, were “a lagging indicator” in the demographic changes that have taken place over the past several decades, and that helped shape the election results last week.

Brooks delivered the Theodore H. White Lecture on Press and Politics, an annual program presented by the Kennedy Schools’ Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy. His talk was precededed by the presentation of the David Nyhan Prize for Political Journalism to Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Cynthia Tucker.

A lot of people were live-tweeting the event, and the Shorenstein Center put together a Storify that you can read by clicking here. My own tweets follow.

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  1. Brooks must be right about liberals not understanding conservatives. For instance, when he says “Obama is “right on the merits” regarding budget, but needs a deal to solve deficit.” I don’t understand why conservatives get to run up the deficit for 30 years, but it’s the responsibility of Democrats to “solve” it. Can some conservative explain that to me?

  2. L.K. Collins

    Ok, Steve, let it go unsolved.

    That’s a real constructive answer.

  3. So Dan, how do you feel about the process of tweeting an event? I do it occasionally, but honestly, I find it really distracting to try and formulate the statement to editorial standards. I’m always anxious that I’m missing something important while tweeting.

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Rachel: Good question. Done properly, it can form the basis of notes for a longer story. But, like you, I feel I’m missing something. Since I was at the event, I didn’t have my laptop, and I go much more slowly on my iPhone than I do on my laptop, so that might have been better. I also think you can get better notes by live-blogging than by live-tweeting, but the cool kids aren’t doing that anymore.

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