Blabbing about the election

If you just can’t get enough of Media Nation, I’ll be on Fox 25 News today starting at 6 p.m. Not exactly sure what they’ve got in mind, but I imagine I’ll be popping up now and then throughout the evening.

And tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. EST, I’ll be a guest on “The Johnny Wendell Show” on KTLK Radio in Los Angeles. You can listen live here.


7 thoughts on “Blabbing about the election

  1. Mike Benedict

    Unless I am missing something, all the election results are on the Globe website, not And the Globe wants you to pay for the info.

  2. Mike Benedict

    Ok, found it on, but had to Google it.

    Romney ran for office four times and won once. How’s that for a safe bet?

      1. Dan Kennedy

        @John: New York is a huge Obama town, and I wouldn’t suspect the Daily News of having any sort of NY Post-style agenda.

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