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Out and about in New Haven

From my wanderings around New Haven on Thursday: the Sterling Law Building at Yale Law School.

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  1. But is all that really worth it? Are these big, Gothic-like structures, supposedly used to teach young people about “law” (but really teaching them how to circumvent the Constitution, and encouraging them to become politicians and government bureaucrats), really worth the cost of building and maintaining them?

    If you look at the nature of “law” in America today, we see so many government bureaucrats, police, banksters and state-capitalists who are above the law, and so many of those people in local U.S. attorneys offices, state attorneys general offices and the DOJ just looking the other way and sweeping many Big Time Crimes under the rug.

    Yet, imbecilic government bureaucrats have made so many “laws” and regulations now, that almost EVERYTHING is a crime, every little thing that the citizen-serfs do, or that small businesspeople do, that is.

    But the Big Banksters, the pols, the police, all get away with egregious thefts, assaults and murders of innocent civilians. What good are these “law” schools?

    These nice buildings would be more useful to house the homeless, deliver food to the hungry, or even for businesspeople to start new businesses that would employ others who need jobs and serve consumers who need goods and services.

  2. Rick Peterson

    @Scott: secret is to beat them at their own game. Not sure if the story is apocryphal but I was told that a new Yale grad decided to go home to Boston and open a sub shop. As a result, he was mocked by his fellow Yalies for such a pedestrian career. When Jay Howland opened his 100th “D’Angelo’s” sub shop in the 1970’s,as a statement, it was on the Yale Green. All that Pepsico stock he was paid with in the buy-out did wonders for his self-esteem, I suspect. If Yale feels the same as BC, those Gothic buildings are intended to remind us of traditions. At BC anyhow, one of those traditions is service to others.When people like Peter Lynch of Fidelity and Pat Roche of Roche Brothers gave tens of millions to BC, it was to train teachers and nurses, not guys running hedge funds. If you dislike the system, change it from the inside. Like him or hate him, Barack Obama is attempting to do just that.

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