My HuffPost commentary on Romenesko

In my debut for the Huffington Post, I analyze what Jim Romenesko and the Poynter Institute are saying about their ugly and very public divorce.

8 thoughts on “My HuffPost commentary on Romenesko

  1. Nancy Mades

    Someone who is as good as you are and has been at it as long as you have should not be expected to work for free for anything other than your church.

    1. Dan Kennedy

      Thanks for your support, Nancy. In a very real sense, nothing an academic does is for free. It’s just part of what we’re expected to do. I needed a new outlet, and there was the Huffington Post. We’ll see what develops.

    1. Dan Kennedy

      Michael: It had just become increasingly difficult to place stuff. I hope I’m not done with the Guardian, but I’m giving it a rest for now.

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