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How’s that trade working out? (XVIII)

OK, he’s having a lousy year. But last night Bronson Arroyo pitched a six-hit, complete-game shutout. Why can’t the Red Sox get pitchers like that?

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It’s going to be a long campaign


Who’s to blame? None of the above.


  1. Stephen Stein

    That makes him, what, 9-12 with a 5+ ERA in a weak division? Making $12M/yr?
    We already HAVE pitchers like that!

    A couple of weeks ago, Wily Mo Pena was 3-3 with a double, a HR, a walk and a HBP and 4 RBI. I notice you didn’t mention THAT. As well you shouldn’t -anyone can have a good game.

  2. Because they still have the vestiges of an 86-year death wish!

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