How’s that trade working out? (XVII)

Why can’t we get players like this?

3 thoughts on “How’s that trade working out? (XVII)

  1. Aaron Read

    We did have a guy like that. A guy who swings at stuff he shouldn’t swing at, and sometimes gets lucky enough to make contact…and because he’s got a lot of strength, when he DOES make contact the ball frickin’ goes a zillion miles.

    I don’t know what idiot of pitcher tries to get past with Wily Mo with a fastball down the middle. That’s asking for trouble with a power hitter like him. Just pitch around the outside and that dumbass will swing at it…and usually miss. Or foul it.

    It’s fun to watch him smack a 440ft homer out of center field. But one homer does not make up for more than two-thirds of his plate appearances being rampaging disappointments. And that’s in the NL for chrissakes, where the pitching isn’t even half as good as the AL, and not even 10% as good as in the AL East. Thank providence we dumped his ass.

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