Late winter, Bradley Palmer State Park

Went for a two-mile run at Bradley Palmer State Park this afternoon. The pond at the entrance on the Topsfield side (above) is still iced over, and there was a lot of slushy ice along the roadway heading out to the kiddie pool. Just goes to show that melting lags in the cool woods.

Not thrilled to be doing all the pre- and post-running stuff for just two miles, but I’m glad to be moving again.

5 thoughts on “Late winter, Bradley Palmer State Park

    1. Dan Kennedy

      @Mike: Yes, but he does go every day. I’ll give him that. Hope to be back to five miles later this year.

  1. Stephen Stein

    Great to hear that your elbow can take the jostle of a run!
    Spring is coming – who would have thought that the groundhog knew what he was talking about?

  2. Stephen Stein

    @Dan, if you’re like me, that’s only because the rest of you aches so bad the next day the elbow feels OK by comparison. 🙂

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