At WRKO, McPhee replaces Manning

I don’t see how this move makes sense, but WRKO Radio (AM 680) has ousted longtime Republican political consultant Charley Manning from its 1-to-3 p.m. slot and replaced him with Boston Herald columnist Michele McPhee — who, in turn, had been dropped recently by ‘RKO’s rival, WTKK (96.9 FM).

Like many folks in the media and political community here, I consider Manning to be a friend, so it’s hard for me to be entirely unbiased. I was also a guest on his show recently. But it strikes me that Manning got little in the way of marketing or production assistance. Given that, it’s no surprise that his ratings lagged.

4 thoughts on “At WRKO, McPhee replaces Manning

  1. B.A. DuBois

    Wow… pretty sad news indeed. I really enjoyed listening to Charley Manning’s show and its local look on politics… and though he was obviously a partisan, he seemed level-headed and intelligent. Perhaps not the best attributes for talk radio, alas.

    If I recall, he originally was on from noon to three, before WRKO cut him to 1 to 3; I guess that should have been a sign.

    Sorry to see him go.

  2. Nial Lynch

    His job was done. Daily humping for Tim to hang around brought plenty of that public cake to RKO and the campaign consultants guild.

  3. Walt Bannon

    Well, McPhee posted pics of her “Craigslist Killer” film fest under the heading “Craigslist Killer Premire party” so I guess we can expect as many grammatical errors verbally from the female Leo Gorcey to come!

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