Howie Carr’s big, fat Christmas coming-out

Media Nation has been on hiatus, so I missed Howie Carr’s encounter with liposuction, which took up nearly all of the Boston Herald’s front page this past Sunday. Ralph Ranalli has all the details. The late Jack Cole would have known exactly what to call this: “alleged news.” Pathetic.

14 thoughts on “Howie Carr’s big, fat Christmas coming-out

  1. Rick Peterson

    Like pieces about Sarah Palin, those who love or hate Howie will use this as an excuse to reinforce their opinions. What disappoints me more is that every Christmas/New Years, editors (most of whom appear to be home on holiday, leaving the JV’s in charge) seem to be surprised by the lack of real news and use junk like this to fill space. Perhaps a piece with substance might finally be seen by people who finally have some time to devote to it? Are there no pieces that could be put on the shelf 30-60 days in advance, like in-depth human interest stories? I would prefer 30 day old quality over new junk any day.

  2. Amazing. Not a shred of empathy all these years for the people whom he has berated and humiliated for being fat. Some of them may have deserved criticism for their performance of official duties, but adding the fat attack is uncalled for and often just plain cruel. But now we know the answer to the question: where is his humanity? Obviously suffocated beneath the layers of fat. Will his having had to resort to liposuction bring about a change of heart?

  3. Steve Stein

    I notice Joe Sciacca weighed in. “Interesting and informative”. This is what passes for front-page news at the Herald.

  4. P. Stack

    Agreed, but can we hold the other major daily newspaper
    accountable for ‘alleged news’ as well. Just how many non-stories
    about Harvard (at least once per week) can we take. Or how about
    the tug-at-our-hear-string stories to support the cause du jour.
    How many times do you see a story on the front page that doesn’t
    belong there or in the paper at all.

  5. Mike Rice

    To me, liposuction and other cosmetic surgery is right up there with Viagra. Some people should come to grips with what no longer is.

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