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Welcome back, Keith

And thank you for making my point. Toward the end of “Countdown” tonight, Keith Olbermann said he should have changed a “Worst Person” segment because he had donated to that person’s opponent. I can’t think of a better argument for insisting that even opinion-mongers like Olbermann maintain some independence from the people they comment on — and for banning MSNBC hosts from making campaign contributions.

Update: You can now watch the clip.

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  1. Heather Greene

    I thought there were interesting points he brought up. In the end, I think more people have a favorable view of Keith Olbermann now then they did even this time last week.

    For you readers, you might like to embed the clip of him going through his suspension?

  2. Neil Sagan

    You say “And thank you for making my point.” … “I can’t think of a better argument for … banning MSNBC hosts from making campaign contributions.”

    Two things; he doesn’t make the point you imply he makes about donations but I’m sure that’s just because of imprecise writing; and he wasn’t suspended for making campaign donations: He was suspended for not asking his boss in advance for permission.

    Is it your position that journalists, columnists and as you say, television “opinion-mongers” (which I think would reasonably include you, Keller, and certainly professional skeptic curmudgeon Emily Rooney, who looks and acts more and more like her father every day,) are you saying all of these professional are the same and ought to be required to make no political contributions lest they risk losing the credibility of impartiality due to a real of perceived lack of neutrality?

    How about this approach instead? The View from Nowhere: Questions and Answers How does your philosophy of teaching journalism compare?

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