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Election Night in Danvers


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Right after supper, Mrs. Media Nation, Media Nation Jr. and I headed over to the Holten Richmond Middle School in Danvers to cast our ballots in the 2010 election. It was a proud moment — this was our son’s first time voting, so we are now officially a three-voter household. Next time there should be four of us.

There are eight precincts in Danvers, and Precints 1 and 2 vote at the Holten Richmond. I was the 1,233rd person in Precinct 1 today. Given that the polls would close in a little more than an hour, that didn’t strike me as particularly high. Nor was there any line when we came in.

After voting, I took a couple of photos of the stalwart volunteers who had set up on the edge of Plains Park so they could wave to passing motorists. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. And, pretty soon, we should have some results.

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  1. This was nice to read in the Salem News about the Danvers state rep race,

    “As a sign of that respect, Bennett (R, challenger) went to the Polish Club on Cheever Street in Danvers where Speliotis (D) held his victory party to shake the hand of the 57-year-old full-time legislator whom he nearly beat.”


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