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Jon Keller is still at large

When CBS unveiled a new WBZ website a couple of days ago, political analyst Jon Keller’s blog seemed to disappear — just a few days before a wild state election.

Fortunately, Keller is using his old blog until the new site can be fixed. You won’t find it linked from — or, as it has now been dubbed, But you will find it here.

Update: WBZ is working out the kinks, and Keller is now asking his readers to join him here.

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  1. Steve Stein

    I have always reached Keller’s place from the direct link (or from the link on your blogroll), but I checked out the new WBZ, err, CBS site today.

    It’s reasonably pretty but it’s an awfully big haystack of stuff to navigate. After clicking around a while, I found Jon’s content in “Politics” here and “Blogs” here, mixed in with other politics and blogs items respectively. There’s no way to get to a feed of Keller’s blog content from the new network site, but all of his blog content (and his other content as well) may show up on the “politics” roll.

    The comment streams for his posts seem to be separate at the two sites (compare an “old” blog post to a “new” site post).

    The new site seems to be pretty enough, but I wish they’d have Jon’s content separated out.

    I’m also a bit sad that the whole thing has been rebranded as “CBS”, which always says “New York” to me. I grew up in suburban NJ with CBS “traffic on the 8’s” and Yankees baseball. WBZ is a piece of local history with a long tradition – it’s as “Boston” as the Red Sox and Celtics. I hope CBS reconsiders (or re-reconsiders – I think CBS tried this once before).

  2. Steve Stein

    Ah, maybe I spoke too soon. Jon has posted that his stuff is separated out at this link.

    The comment streams at the old and new sites don’t seem to be the same, though.

  3. B.A. DuBois

    Dan, thanks for the update… for a while I thought Keller had been squashed by the powers-that-be…

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