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Too much automation?

Check out this wildly inappropriate juxtaposition in today’s GlobeReader. Here’s the same story, with a rather different photo, from

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  1. Christian Avard

    Copy Editor must have been on vacation. Or on automation. Wow.

    The worst mistake I’ve seen was a local newspaper, I won’t say who, that was covering a murder case in Brattleboro. A man mistook another man for a bear and shot him and the defendant’s lawyer was using the “premature closure” argument. The reporter at a local paper said it was the “premature evacuation” argument and it was printed the next day. Not making this up.

  2. Tina Struthers

    Inappropriate juxtaposition?
    New one on me. Please elaborate?
    Can’t find it in any of my NU media textbooks.

  3. C.E. Stead

    DK – this has gone on forever, to the amusement of us print subscribers.

    You were giggling the other day about a Cape Cod Times cranberry bog photo, remember? The pic was with a story about grower Brian Handy of Wareham being in trouble over ineffective seine nets which allowed many herring into his bog…but it was near a political story on the front page.

    • Dan Kennedy

      @C.E. Actually, I was imprecise in referring to this latest example as a juxtaposition, as was the case with the Cape Cod Times and the cranberry bog. This was not a juxtaposition problem — we are talking about a photo that actually ran to illustrate a completely unrelated story. That’s why I think this was a matter of robo-layout.

  4. Nancy Mades

    Robo-layout may have created this horror, but was there robo-editing as well?

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