The dull disaster that is CNN’s “Parker Spitzer”

In my latest for the Guardian, I argue that CNN’s newest program, “Parker Spitzer,” hosted by Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker and former New York governor (and noted pervert) Eliot Spitzer, isn’t just awful — it’s also awful in a painfully uninteresting way.

2 thoughts on “The dull disaster that is CNN’s “Parker Spitzer”

  1. Jeff Epperly

    “noted pervert”?

    Jeesh. What makes him a “noted pervert”? Or even just a pervert?

    You’ve been reading the Herald too long, Dan.

  2. Laurence Glavin has the overnights, and the opening show came in FOURTH, behind Nancy Grace! If there was only the slightest “opening night” curiosity, and now the numbers can only be expected to decline, CNN may have fewer viewers than some local newscasts in some markets (NYC, LA, Chicago at least).

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