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Who will be the new panelist on “Beat the Press”?

Over at the “Beat the Press” blog, Ralph Ranalli makes it official: longtime panelist Joe Sciacca is out now that he’s been promoted to editor of the Boston Herald. So who will replace Joe on the WGBH-TV (Channel 2) program? Follow the link, and you can make your own suggestions.

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  1. Michael Pahre

    Ummmm… Can we also hit the gong to knock out other panelists?

  2. Oh can I do it?! Can I do it?!

  3. Glen Bergendahl

    Is Orson Bean available?

  4. Joe Sciacca was an enjoyable presence on the show. He contributed a soft-sell conservatism, while not being so ideologically driven as to miss the main thrust of critiquing media presentation of news, whether liberal or conservative. I’ll miss him.

  5. I would love to see Jon Carroll back again. I miss his sarcastic contributions. My favorites that I recall:

    On Darrel Issa, California California congressman:
    “The human ATM”

    On the Big dig after leaks sprung in one of the tunnels (Ted Williams?):

    “The two billion dollar car wash”

  6. M.J.Stevenson

    A lousy panelist can be a difference maker. I haven’t viewed the McLaughlin Group since I quickly tired of newcomer Monica Crowley. That was it, after about 15 years of watching.
    There’s one member–not Dan!– of the Beat the Press rotation that I try to avoid. Hopefully this person won’t be the choice to take Joe’s seat.

  7. Neil Sagan

    Pray tell M.J.Stevenson …could it be the masked partisan master of moral high ground and enemy of reasonable nuance Jon Keller, whose every utterance is a speech unto itself? Is what Keller does considered journalism? What does Keller do?

    The panel needs a mix of professional journalists and academics, women and men, lefties and righties and apparently, clever and not so clever members.

  8. Adam Gaffin from Universal Hub. One of those seats should be filled by someone who will represent the world of hyper-local news and bloggers.

  9. those John Carroll quotes had me laughing out loud. The man has a way with words. I’d LOVE to see him back on there.

  10. Jeff DuMontagne

    With all the old media and academics it should be a smart journalism innovator like Phil Balboni, Dave Beard, James Pindell or Joshua Benton (though he might fall into the academic category)

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