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Sciacca to succeed Convey as Herald editor

Boston Herald media reporter Jessica Heslam has the story: managing editor Joe Sciacca will succeed departing editor-in-chief Kevin Convey, thus ending any speculation that publisher Pat Purcell might make an outside pick. Sciacca speaks:

I can’t think of a more exciting time for the Herald as we launch new initiatives for print and online. We will continue to deliver the ambitious reporting and unique perspective that Herald readers have come to rely on.

Congratulations to Joe, a longtime colleague on “Beat the Press.” And since I can’t leave this without at least a little bit of dangling speculation, will Sciacca have time to keep his television gig now that he’s at the top of the Herald’s masthead?

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  1. Laurence Glavin

    Let’s see: “Beat the Press” is taped sometime Friday afternoon. If Joe doesn’t appear on Michael Graham’s cartoonish radio show, he can put the Saturday paper to bed in a matter of minutes…it’s not much more than a pamphlet on Saturdays anyway. Then it’s a just a quick taxi ride to WGBH. No problemo.

  2. steven west

    congrats to Joe, I hope he stays on “Beat the press” always enjoy his thoughts and insight to the topic of the day

  3. Neil Sagan

    Even if he has he time, will he want to weekly appearance?

  4. LFNeilson

    I remember when Joe started with the Lowell Sun, covering selectmen’s meetings in Wilmington about 30 years ago. Then Murdoch bought the Herald, and they hired reporters from the Sun and the Lawrence Eagle-Trib. And Joe’s been with the Herald ever since.
    Congratulations, Joe.

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