At long last, Obama unites America

In my latest for the Guardian, I take the temperature of the commentariat and find that President Obama’s Oval Office speech on the oil gusher had something for everyone to loathe, regardless of ideology.

2 thoughts on “At long last, Obama unites America

  1. BP Myers

    “There was something odd and silly about the idea of Obama’s delivering a prime-time, televised address . . .”

    Yeah. It’s not like we’re undergoing the worst environmental disaster in our nation’s history or anything.

    “If Obama were the sort of president who held regular news conferences”

    He was, and was criticized for having them too frequently and for being ubiquitous.

    “. . . his administration neither caused nor can stop the leak.”

    Sorry. Happened on “his watch.”

    Goes both ways.

    “Conservatives, needless to say, are going to rip Obama no matter what.”

    Not if they’re smart they won’t. He’s doing everything they could possibly want.

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