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Circulation drops at Herald, too

The Boston Globe today reports that Audit Bureau of Circulations figures show the Boston Herald’s weekday paid print circulation is down 12 percent over a year ago, to 132,551. The Sunday Herald is down 4.6 percent, to 91,040. Here is the Herald’s story.

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  1. Laurence Glavin

    At least the Herald’s story on its own circulation figures spelled the paper’s name correctly. In the obit for Alan Rich, a classical music critic who one worked in Boston, the print edition (page 29) spells the paper’s name as ‘Boston Hearld’.

  2. Laurence Kranich

    The Herald has been following the Globe’s lead in boosting prices of the print edition, although not at the breakneck pace of the Globe. Just a few years ago you could get a long-term 7 day subscription for less than $2 a week. Now it is over $4, and the daily Herald at $1 is probably the most expensive tabloid in the US. So maybe they too are making money even as their circulation plunges.

    It wasn’t that long ago that the Herald was close to 300K. Shouldn’t this quiet the commentators who claim newspaper’s woes are the fault of the “liberal press”?

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Laurence: Anyone who says newspaper circulation is declining because of liberal bias has been paying no attention. Newspaper-reading has held up very well when you add online readers.

  3. Mike Benedict

    Does the Herald still hand out copies for free around Boston during rush hour?

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Mike: Don’t know, but it shouldn’t matter — those are not supposed to be counted. Where gamesmanship does potentially come in is with discounted copies, which you are only supposed to count up to a certain point.

  4. Bob Gardner

    Shorter version of Herald story. “Herald finishes second! Globe next to last.”

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