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Profile in cowardice

CommonWealth Magazine’s Michael Jonas considers the sad case of state Rep. Ellen Story, an Amherst Democrat who candidly admits she reversed her longstanding opposition to casino gambling in order to please House Speaker Robert DeLeo.

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  1. L.K. Collins

    Is it a sad story that she changed her vote, thereby causing your issue to be passed instead of defeated, or is it a sad story that the Speaker collects his votes in the same offensive way that past Speakers of the Massachusetts House has used?

    But to take this question one step further, is it OK for the Speaker to call for a whipped vote on all matters that he deems politically expedient–such as the ridiculous interim appointment of Sen. Kirk to temporarily fill a Senate seat for patently political reasons — and not OK to do the same to pass an issue that you vehemently oppose?

    It seems, Dan, as if there is this double standard that runs through your musings and makes you see a tad inconsistent!

  2. Michael Pahre

    She ain’t the only one. She’s just the only one to say openly what is obvious to everybody else.

    I referred to them as sheep, not cowards, on my blog, since they are following the desires of the speaker-of-the-moment — not any fundamental belief or principle.

    Were they all pro-gambling but voted no a few years ago because of DiMasi? Are they all anti-gambling but voted yes this week because of DeLeo? Or, more likely, are they lacking in any principled position and following the speaker like sheep?

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Michael: The correct answer is “baaaa … baaaa … baaaa.” It does seem a little unfair to single out Story, but sometimes candor has unpleasant consequences.

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