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Is this the suspect in the Eric Cantor case?

The Nemesis of America; This Shia Muslim Norman LeBoon Sr
I don’t know how long this is going to stay up, but here is a strange, rambling video by Norman LeBoon Sr., who would appear to be the same person charged a little while ago for allegedly making death threats against U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., via YouTube.

The title: “The Nemesis of America: This Shia Muslim Norman LeBoon Sr.” Among other things, LeBoon says his videos call for “violence” and “jihad,” and for “taking people from this earth” — then follows up by saying that he’s “kidding.”

I’ve got to admit, the charges definitely cast Cantor’s news conference of last week in a different light.

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  1. Steve Stein

    I don’t see why this should cast Cantor’s news conference in a different light. The incident last week (a random bullet just happens to break a window in a building that housed a Cantor campaign office) was not connected to this well-documented threat from an apparent lunatic.

    It should be noted, however, that this threat was not a reaction to a call to target Cantor and his associates, which puts it in a very different category from the vandalism done after Mike Vanderboegh’s terrorist web posting.

    BTW, regarding Vanderboegh – the window-breaking vandalism has been associated in some reports with the “Tea Party” activists. Has there been any documented connection between Vanderboegh and the Tea Partiers?

  2. BP Myers

    I’ll take the FBI’s word that he threatened Cantor (who is, apparently, LeBoon’s congressman).

    Setting aside the guy is a self-described Shia Muslim, I don’t see any evidence (necessarily) that it was because Cantor was Jewish as Cantor has claimed. Seems to have more to do with crazy theories about bank bailouts and whatnot (tried rewinding twice to re-hear things he said, and it sent me back to the very beginning. Was not gonna sit through it a third time, so I didn’t get all the way to the end.)

    Did he threaten other Jewish congressman (e.g. Wiener) or merely his own?

    Think I’ll await more evidence before I make up my mind.

  3. L.K. Collins

    Facts? Facts?

    Why should they get in the way of a good bulletin or story?

    [See: Ch. Justice Roberts retiring.]

    • Dan Kennedy

      @L.K.: So tell us … who ran with the Roberts retirement story?

  4. BP Myers

    @L.K. said: “the lunatic left has had some equally disturbing reactions to the passage of [the healthcare bill]”

    Glass houses, my friend.

  5. Aaron Read

    Well, the dude’s been arrested for the crime in question.

  6. L.K. Collins

    Now, now, Dan. You know quite well who rushed and gushed on the internet with the bulletin.

    And Mr. Read. Left lunatics and right lunatics have things in common. They are both lunatics.

    • Dan Kennedy

      @L.K.: Yes, I do. Radar Online. A gossip site. As Joe Biden would say … well, never mind. Unless you’ve got something better than that, you’ve got nothing.

  7. Neil Sagan

    He’s a little bit irrational perhaps struggling with mental illness and it has nothing to do with his religion.

  8. BP Myers

    Best and perhaps most prescient comment on TPM:

    So Cantor got the threat he was fishing for.

    I’ll be very curious to know if the threatening video was made only after Cantor claimed to have recieved death threats (which he no doubt has . . . but maybe not this one.)

    • Dan Kennedy

      @BP: I’m pretty sure if you trace back the timeline, you’ll see that the video came first. He may well have known police were investigating the guy when he gave his weirdly amped-up news conference last week. Perhaps he thought the two incidents were related. But there are also reports that the suspect has made any number of videos threatening political figures, so it’s not clear yet why he was arrested in connection with the Cantor video.

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