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Politico’s Rathergate moment

Dan Gillmor explains.

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Anonymous comments again


The Times’ not-so-full disclosure


  1. Steve Stein

    Gillmor concludes:

    Politico is widely considered a new gold standard of political reporting.

    Really? I thought it was just a way for the right to “launder” Drudge stories so the mainstream media wouldn’t have the Drudge taint.

    We’re doomed.

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Steve: Not quite that bad. Ben Smith and Michael Calderone are good. But, yeah, kind of.

  2. BP Myers

    Wow. Awesome smackdown. And the comments connected to Politico’s non mea culpa are pure gold. I particularly liked the one that is simply an entire WorldNetDaily article about how Obama founded “Alinsky Academies” in Chicago to teach leftist activism.

    Have no idea if the commenter meant it sardonically, though I hope he did. But it really doesn’t matter, because it too seems to meet Politico’s demonstrated standard for journalism.

  3. Mike Stucka

    Crooks and Liars has an interesting composite of cases where one side continued to rely on, cite and quote a purportedly fraudulent memo irregardless of its authenticity.

    Why let the truth get in the way of politics? Ugh.

  4. Aaron Read

    He said “truthiness”!!! Everyone do a shot!

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