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Good for Charlie Baker

The 12 people who actually care are offended that Charlie Baker won’t be attending the annual St. Patrick’s Day breakfast in South Boston. Good for him.

The Outraged Liberal disagrees.

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  1. Wilson Tisdale

    The breakfast hasn’t been funny in years.

  2. Al Fiantaca

    I’ve got no use for the event, but so far as politicians widely attend it, for someone to pointedly avoid it makes it seem like they’re unwilling to deal with the jabs. My impression of Baker is that he sees this as beneath him. It’s not the way to attract voters in an area with strong turnout and conservative views.

  3. Cassie Bristol

    Everything that is wrong with politicians and politics in this state is on display at the St.Patrick’s day (Evacuation day?) breakfast. Laugh it up while we sink guys and gals.

  4. Baker is about to be introduced to the voters of the Commonwealth as that “upper class stiff who can’t take a joke”.

    As much as people generally don’t like “The Beacon Hill Crowd”, I think most find the jokes & jabs that land successfully an amazing and redeeming piece of the local political landscape.

    With this decision, Baker is earning a reputation as a humorless corporate type with a metaphorical glass jaw. Losing to Patrick in this economy will be a tough job, but he’s making a good start with this decision.;-)

  5. Nial Lynch

    The Outraged Liberal would disagree with Charlie Baker’s choice of whole wheat for toast this morning.

  6. My wife and I enjoy watching this on television every year … and she’s not a political junkie at all.

    • Dan Kennedy

      Oh, come on, @Tony, she’s just humoring you. I wouldn’t want to get between you and the TV when there’s a political event on!

  7. ben starr

    That event is a relic and Charlie Baker wins points for blowing off that insider-fest.

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