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Is Hudak putting words in Brown’s mouth again?

Is North Shore congressional candidate William Hudak putting words in U.S. Sen. Scott Brown’s mouth again?

According to the Salem News, Hudak, a right-wing Republican who once posted signs in his Boxford yard comparing Barack Obama to Osama bin Laden, was the source of a rumor that former lieutenant governor Kerry Healey would run for Congress — a rumor that a former aide to Healey quickly denied.

Hudak, in turn, said he got it from Brown, whose staff would not confirm it.

Hudak, of course, got into trouble when he claimed that Brown had endorsed him the day after Brown’s victory in the special Senate election. Hudak has apologized, but he has never explained why he thought it was all right for his campaign to put out a press release falsely quoting Brown as saying, “Bill was with us from the beginning and is the representative the people of the 6th District need.”

(Via Red Mass Group.)

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  1. this keeps getting better and better…

  2. Sean Griffin

    Meanwhile. Gawker scoops everyone with The Scandalous Scott Brown Lawsuit that No One Told You About

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Sean: If the Democrats knew about that lawsuit and chose not to do anything with it, then good for them. The story makes clear that it was an absolutely bogus suit, though Gawker thinks the Democrats should have used it anyway. I don’t. On the other hand, I do think the Democrats should have done something about Brown’s showing up on his first date with Gail in pink leather shorts.

  3. Sean Griffin

    I agree that there isn’t much to the story. I am amazed, however, that it didn’t come out during the election. If Brown was a Democrat, it would’ve been a Right Wing radio talking point and a Drudge headline complete with siren. I wish that someone could come up with a photo of those shorts. The shorts make no sense at all. Bill Maher had fun with that the other week.

  4. Steve Stein

    Sean, it’s nothing compared to what would have happened if Coakley had posed nude in her 20s.

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