The Republican God Squad

In my latest for the Guardian, I take a look at the theocratic threat posed by Tim Pawlenty (“God’s in charge”), Mitt Romney and other potential 2012 Republican presidential candidates.

62 thoughts on “The Republican God Squad

  1. @BP: Perhaps if some of our political or media or financial or [take your pick] leaders brought their faith with them into the Congress or board room or [take your pick] then we wouldn’t have as many of the scandals that we do today.

  2. Mike Benedict

    @Brian: You are confusing morals and ethics with faith. One does not necessarily follow the other. You can be moral, ethical and atheist.

  3. Dan Storms


    Just 2 things. Your quote is from the Declaration of Independence, a magnificent piece of rhetorical and political acumen that, nevertheless, does not have the force of law. Only the Constitution governs law in this country, and it is not in the least theological. And your quote says “their Creator” but fails to identify which Deity that might be. Which is why we enjoy the right to worship any god from Ahriman to Zeus, or Reason, or evolution if we have a mind to.

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