Lowell Sun’s owner seeks bankruptcy protection

The Wall Street Journal has the story. (Via Romenesko.)

9 thoughts on “Lowell Sun’s owner seeks bankruptcy protection

  1. LFNeilson

    They also owned 1400 Motors, a Cadillac – Olds dealership. I don’t know if it’s still there. The Sun always had four staff cars, Olds F-85s.

  2. Aaron Read

    Does this have any ramifications for WUML/UMass Lowell? I know the partnership for the “Lowell Sunrise” show ended years ago, but I don’t know if there were any outstanding debts from that?

  3. amusedbutinformedobserver


    When the Sun got around to carrying the story,it used a version from the chain’s flagship, the Denver Post that reads like a press release, using house sources only. The word “bankruptcy” is in the third paragraph; the filing is downplayed as being a debt/equity swap. The only source is company chief Singleton (on a story that could have, but did not, run locally on Saturday.


    Includes this graf:
    “Because all of the company’s individual media properties will be excluded from the filing, advertisers, vendors, employees and subscribers will be unaffected, Singleton emphasized.”

    Yeah, like the new owners of the parent company won’t be squeezing every nickel and firing employees to do it. The Sun’s bias is legendary, but when it publishes such undiluted nonsense when the spotlight is turned inward, its already low credibility sinks ever more.

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