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Public radio listeners will be the winners

Best of luck to my “Beat the Press” colleagues Emily Rooney and Callie Crossley, whose hour-long programs debut today on WGBH Radio (89.7 FM) — Emily at noon and Callie at 1 p.m.

Rooney is competing with one of my favorite people in radio, Robin Young, whose “Here and Now” is broadcast on WBUR (90.9 FM) from noon to 1. Crossley is up against syndicated fare on ‘BUR except on Fridays, when “Radio Boston” airs.

So I’m hoping the public radio audience expands and everyone wins. Including the listeners.

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  1. CAvard

    Why aren’t they call in shows? Are they not compatible with hour-long broadcasts? Looking forward to them!

  2. MarkB

    Just what we need – retreads. When was the last time either one of them surprised you with anything they said?

  3. t-traveler

    i think cassie is taking calls (around 1:48)

  4. Laurence Glavin

    I remember when “Greater Boston with Emily Rooney” started on WGBH-TV. The very next day, Monica Collins, TV critic of the paper then known as the Boston Herald (now the Chicopee Herald) totally excoriated the show and Emily herself. More than a decade has passed, and “Greater Boston” sails on and Monica now blogs about dogs, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  5. tunder

    I enjoy both Emily and Cassie and look forward to giving a listen.

    MarkB – “When was the last time either one of them surprised you with anything they said?” Any suggestions on what local voices should have been given a chance?

  6. tunder

    Just took a listen to Callie’s show and appreciated the fact that it was a woman behind the mic with (mostly) women as guests (brief interview with a male Boston native who was a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance.) Refreshing compared to the testosterone all over the dial (and that includes Michele McPhee and Laura Ingraham).

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