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Tomorrow’s corrections today

The Boston Globe today reports that Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown last week played up his conservative bona fides in an interview with “Sean Hannity, cohost of Fox News Network’s ‘Hannity and Colmes.'”

Was there no one handling this story who was aware that Alan Colmes announced he was leaving more than a year ago? Hannity went solo on Jan. 12, 2009.

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  1. Now don’t jump all over me everyone but I do think this is a classic case of the media not paying attention to conservative pundits, shows, etc and not understanding the right.

  2. Peter Porcupine

    DK – why would the Glob watch a boutique cable show, when they can depend on Rachael Maddow and Keith Olbermann for judgement?

  3. charles pierce

    Let’s be fair. It was always hard to notice Colmes eveb when he allegedly was on that show.

  4. Harrybosch

    Won’t jump all over you, however you give yourself away when you refer to “the media.”

    I think it’s a classic case of sloppy reporting and editing, which is nothing new at the Globe.

  5. Laurence Glavin

    Tom Ashbrook of WBUR’s “On Point” radio show continues to refer to “The Atlantic Monthly” when referencing the magazine now called simply “The Atlantic”.

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Laurence: Given that Jack Beatty is often on the line, I wonder if it’s deliberate. And the Atlantic has gone back and forth with using “Monthly” so many times in the past few decades that they’ve lost their right to complain.

  6. Tom G

    I read Media Nation because Dan “ready with an editor’s red pen” Kennedy prints The Globe’s corrections for them. He’s a super nice guy or obsessive compulsive. We report, you decide.

    In the right column of Media Nation is a photo of Dan with the words,

    “I’m a member of:
    Wired Journalists”

    “Wired” heheh. And here I thought Dan was a journalism professor, not so much a journalist per se.

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