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Media Nation’s new mobile edition

This afternoon I added a WordPress plug-in that automatically displays a mobile edition of Media Nation when you visit the site with a smartphone. I’ve tried it on my BlackBerry and can report that it looks OK with the default browser (though the font is too big) and quite nice using Opera Mini.

I also figured out a way to tweak the comments template. You’ll now find a much wider and deeper comments box as well as some helpful introductory text.


Northern moonscape


Liberals and Afghanistan


  1. Nick Name

    Link to the plug-in?

  2. LFNeilson

    That’s nice, but I don’t want a phone that’s smarter than me.
    I have enough trouble just trying to stay awake and think, much less outsmart a phone.

  3. Doug Shugarts

    The mobile site looks great on my Droid. Thanks for doing this — makes for a much better read!

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