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On hiatus

I’m in New Haven on business today and will be dealing with some family business on Friday. Which means I might not get to post again for a few days.

Go, Pedro!

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Tweeting from City Hall


(Not) tweeting from City Hall


  1. Neil

    So now can we get answers from the Cambridge Police Commissioner about the accuracy of Gates Incident Report in which he testilied about his conversation with the 911 caller at the scene and what she said or didn’t say to him about backpacks and black people? hmmmm?

  2. Ed Tracey

    Dan, here is an experiment coming up next month in Berlin, Germany that bears watching. From the [Der Spiegel Int’l,1518,druck-655433,00.html%5D website:

    Niiu is a daily newspaper that mixes news pages and information of the reader’s choice from 17 different German and international newspapers and several Web sites. (It will) allow readers to customize their own 24-page daily newspaper online from German newspapers including tabloid Bild, the Berlin dailies Berliner Morgenpost and Der Tagesspiegel as well as financial paper Handelsblatt and others.

    (And here’s where it gets interesting):

    The New York Times and the Washington Times have also signed on. Readers can also choose to include content from 500 Web sites that span topics such as sports, politics, music and art. Customers who sign onto the website before 2 p.m. can build their own newspaper — although they are limited to choosing specific pages and sections and cannot select individual stories. The customized paper is then printed and delivered the next day.

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