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Calling all NU journalism majors

If you are a journalism major at a university other than Northeastern, please look the other way for a moment.

Placeblogger is looking for two interns at its office in Cambridge. Headed by Lisa Williams, the project tracks local blogs across the country and around the world. It’s cutting-edge stuff, and you’ll learn a lot about the future of journalism.

Check out the slideshow. And just do it.

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  1. Thanks, Dan! The current score is:

    Emerson 22
    Northeastern 2
    BU 0 (D’oh!)

    We’ve got 10 interview slots this coming week and the week after, and five are filled.

    Northeastern and Emerson make it free for employers to post internships, and participating in on-campus internship fairs is free on a first-come first serve basis at Emerson. Participating at BU’s events, by contrast, is expensive — which does their students no favors, I think.

    My sense, though, is that students aren’t looking at the career-services sites that their college/university has. I got many, many more responses from Twitter than any other channel.

    After going through the process as an employer, my sense is that career services departments are set up to deal with large employers, but in the current economy, those employers aren’t hiring (and never had the most interesting jobs anyway).

    How to get journalism students (grad & undergrad) hooked up with the organizations that are actually growing, and give them the kind of skills they’d need to make something of their own (grant funded, for-profit, whatever works and gets pixels pushed), is something I’m currently percolating.

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