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Chest-hair battle rages on

Boston Herald media reporter Jessica Heslam says Platinum Equity chairman Tom Gores does too have chest hair, and that the print version of the photo she and Boston University’s Tom Fiedler saw in the Boston Globe recently makes that clear. She writes:

Kennedy … has posted what appears to be the Internet version of the Gores photo on his blog. But if you still read a newspaper the good-old-fashioned way, like Boston University journalism honcho Tom Fiedler and I do, you’ll see that his black chest hair is very prominent.

I will have to take Heslam’s word for it. She’s right in saying I did not see the print version of the Globe. A quick survey of Google Images this morning does not settle the issue. In any case, Gores will not be the next publisher of the Boston Globe, so this hairy issue will have to remain unresolved.

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  1. Neil

    I should probably refrain from commenting on this story becuase it is of no interest to me except for one factor, it mentions this blog. Other than that, it’s the kind of media story we see far too much of, and at the expense of real news.

  2. Jim

    wow. kennedy, want to stop crushing on gores and get back to work? it’s been, what, two weeks of this now?

    • Dan Kennedy

      Work? Still waiting for your check, Jim. Is it in the mail?

  3. Newshound

    Anyone other than a professional model posing like that has a personality disorder.

    Boston is fortunate he is remaining on the West Coast. Thank you, God!

  4. Nial Liszt

    New group surfaces in bid to buy Globe. Leader hopes image acceptable to DK.

  5. Mike F

    “so this hairy issue”


    Good manscaping talk, though.

  6. lkcape

    It is also interesting that Esteemed Host feels that this sort of sophomoric article is more important than Rich Shanchez and CNN recklessly lying about Limbaugh and having to do a public mea culpa when he and his producers got caught.

    Is this the sort of journalism that Esteemed Leader feels is appropriate? Is this the sort of journalism that he teaches to his students?

    Dan, you are quick to jump on the “lies” of those who have views opposed to yours. This appears to be either an example of double standard, or even worse, no standard at all.

    • Dan Kennedy

      Ikcape: You mean like those terrible lies about Limbaugh telling an African-American caller, “Take that bone out of your nose and call me back”? Oh, wait a minute. He actually said that.

      Or maybe you’re referring to that horrible libel about Limbaugh saying, “Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?” Oh, wait. He said that, too. (Source for both: Snopes.)

      I make no apologies for writing about what I write about and not writing about what I don’t write about. I was paying no attention to Rick Sanchez last week, which means it was a typical week. I know what’s in the Globe every day. I have no idea what CNN’s mid-day guy is babbling about. If you don’t like what you find here, Ikcape, why don’t you stop reading? You are sure as hell not my assignment desk.

      I would point out that the photo of Gores was amusing enough for the Globe to highlight and for both the Herald and the dean of BU’s College of Communication to comment on. So did I.

  7. LFNeilson

    Can’t believe you’ve wasted so much ink on this. Bleahhhhh!

  8. lkcape

    No, I am not your assignment desk, Dan, but as you set yourself out as the guru-of-gurus on all things media in every venue in which you appear, your omissions and commissions are more than just fair game.

    Your inconsistencies are endearing, but they speak volumes about your bias, your objectivity, and your academic thoroughness.

    Do I detect that you, like many of the left, have a very thin skin when it comes to the shortcomings of your offerings?

    Now, would you care to comment about lies, er.. make that libelous comments…masquerading as news, and the effect of such masquerades on the credibility of the journalist and his medium?

    Your journalistic expertise here could be enlightening.

    That the Globe and the Herald and the dean of BU’s College of Communication all mentioned the photo in a similar context does not mean that you are any less petty…it might just mean that they are just as petty as you.

    The “everyone else is doing it” justification is pretty lame.

  9. Newshound

    Gores is overly in love with himself and his appearance. This is a reflection of a personalty which is a potential threat in New England should he become the principal (not principle) owner of our most major newspaper.

    Thanks, Dan, for showing this picture for us to reflect upon.

    Forbes magazine has a somewhat more innocuous picture with a rag to riches story in this week’s issue.

    It is best to be fully informed and careful.

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