Obama’s Nobel Prize (III)

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The president says all the right things. If you don’t have time to watch, here’s the text.

5 thoughts on “Obama’s Nobel Prize (III)

  1. Newshound

    Agree. And not surprised at the President to say the right thing – he usually does.

    But, overall, in end, maybe 100 years from now – he will distinguish himself as making a more significant accomplishment than Washington, Wilson, Hoover, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Truman, Carter, Clinton, and Bush, to name just a few who applied different methods for different situations, but actually made significant contributions to freedom, independence, security, and world peace.

  2. mike_b1

    Neither Bush made contributions to peace. None, none, none.

    And it’s unclear what contributions Ike made, short of warning his successors about giving in to the military’s wants, a lesson none in his own party followed.

  3. Pat Danielson

    Obama has responded just as you recommended. Good.
    Next problem, WE shot rockets on the moon today to study the dust plumes. What is peaceful about shooting rockets on the moon?

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