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Dedham’s daily signs off

Didn’t get a chance to note this yesterday, but the Daily News Transcript of Dedham has published its final edition, as the paper’s financially troubled owner, GateHouse Media, shifts its emphasis to the weeklies it owns in that region.

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  1. Patricia

    “Deeper, more focused coverage of those towns”? *snort* Since when does a weekly have a bigger news hole than a six-day-a-week daily? Granted, the weekly won’t be carrying the AP copy that the daily presumably did, but the ads won’t be running multiple days a week either. And how much more “in depth” are the reporters going to be able to go when they’re under the same pressure to file to The other GateHouse weeklies are barely staffed as it is. Will the Dedham staff be pared down to match?

    Plus, as a former employee of three different companies that eventually became part of GateHouse, what do I do if I ever need to track down my personnel records from the 1980s? If the company goes under, do those records vanish? I hope the local libraries still have the newspapers from the 1980s on microfilm, at least….

  2. LFNeilson

    Eeek. There goes another one, dammit.
    I worked there on co-op in 1974. I think it was then owned by the Post Corp., They had recently gone daily and had converted to di-litho. They still had the union hot-lead guys there, and they weren’t at all happy about doing paste-up.
    A couple of years after I left, someone burned down one of their buildings.
    I’m surprised they lasted for 35 years.

  3. Mattt

    Thanks for noting this, Dan. I was the editor of that paper. The Daily News Transcript wasn’t exactly the biggest daily paper in the region (it might have been the smallest), but a lot of hard work went into it and those of us who were on the staff are sad to see it go. We’ve still got jobs, though, and are going to try to keep covering the same stuff we’ve always been covering.

  4. Page Ination

    About time. As an insider for years this is the best for the paper and reader. Six days gives a lot of news but come on a little support from the advertisers would have made it better. Time to move on and move to a weekly.

  5. Teddyfitz

    Got my start there in ’75 and was sad to here the news. I’ve got great memories working with the dedicated staff and happy to see many lasted in the business.

  6. Richard Lodge

    For the record, the Daily News Transcript was published 5 days per week, Monday through Friday.

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