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Analyzing Obama’s media blitz

Last night I talked with old friend Jon Keller, of WBZ-TV (Channel 4), about President Obama’s latest media blitz aimed at bolstering his health-care-reform plan.

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  1. I recall at the beginning of his term Obama made a few moves to ‘try and get along’ where there far right came down hard on him anyway. Many suggested that he might have been better served by asking for more, then accepting a compromise, and calling it a win – while ending up with what he would have been willing to accept to begin with. I’ve been thinking lately that he may have learned from those early days, that he understands now that regardless of his gestures, ‘they’ dont have an interest in getting “something good accomplished”, that it’s all political to them. So perhaps this time around he decided that some significant change in legislation was was needed in health care, and if he threw everything but the kitchen sik (and a government option) into the mix, he could fight them to the middle, where he was willing to be all along?

  2. lkcape

    Apologies to you Dan… But…

    What did we learn?

    A right-leaning news commentator and a left-leaning blogger agree that the President risks overexposure with his continuing “campaign”?

    This conclusion has been bandied around by a host of others for quite some time now.

    Had you both said that this may be a manifestation of the administration’s confusion as to how to govern, it might actually be new and of interest.

  3. io saturnalia!

    Democrats: You hold majorities in both houses. You hold the White House. Waiting for an engraved invitation to impose your will?

  4. Neil

    I put my money on health industry lobbyists, their death panels,. mobs of screaming angry citizens and the party of no … because it’s much easier to blow shit up than to make it good.

    As long as intelligent people are aware of how the GOP and its extreme elements is determined to undermine the legitimacy of our democratically-elected Democratic Party president, I’ll abide.

  5. Neil

    Paragraph one above was prayed at the church of the savvy… will it work as opposed to what happened?

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