Man in the middle

In my latest for the Guardian, I round up pundit commentary following President Obama’s big speech on health-care reform — and consider whether he succeeded in charting a middle course between liberals and centrists, while marginalizing conservatives as unregenerate (“You lie!”) obstructionists.

One thought on “Man in the middle

  1. Newshound

    President Obama, as usual, made excellent points about the need for health care reform. As usual, too, his delivery was top notch.

    The president also remarked that there are loose ends to solve. The future cost and delivery of health care is potentially a major problem as we keep advancing with more and extraordinary costly ways to solve illness, as the president simply explained and most of us can understand – I hope.

    The fundamentals and details are a concern. Ultimately, the cost of health care in the end will come out of the same economy as it is now.

    Most importantly though, is not to allow ourselves to be distracted from the main issues of health care based on the president’s excellent mannerism and delivery of speech anymore than the distraction of inappropriate, discourteous remarks and displays by opponents.

    The issue is worth much, much more depth than that.

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