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The Times’ missing corrections

The New York Times today is loaded with corrections, including a dread “Editor’s Note.” None of them appear in Times Reader, the paper’s paid downloadable edition optimized for laptop reading.

This problem goes back months. I’ve posted about it on Twitter, and was told by a Times staffer that she was sure someone was on it. Well, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Times doesn’t take Times Reader all that seriously. Too bad.

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  1. Michael Pahre

    Your Times Reader seems to have missed the crucial correction: “An article on Sunday about a last-minute rush to take advantage of the government’s cash for clunkers program misidentified the car being traded in by Chris Bonk, a talent agent. It was a Chevrolet Blazer, not a Ford Bronco.”

    Oh. My. God. I can’t believe they made that mistake. Jayson Blair lives.

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