Trivial pursuit

Jim Rice rips Manny Ramírez — and focuses on his hair, his uniform and his contract? Uh, Jim, there are other reasons that you’re a role model and he isn’t.

6 thoughts on “Trivial pursuit

  1. Treg

    The thing that caught me off guard is his inclusion of Jeter – sorry, Jim, but you’re dead wrong on that one. And he’ll make The Hall on the first ballot.

  2. Way off base on scandel-free Jeter who is team captain, hustles on every play, will enter the HOF on his first, not last, eligibility, and is unlikely to lose his skills overnight, like Jim Ed.

  3. Bob C.

    Old ballplayers never die…they just complain about their successors. This has been going on since the second week at Elysian Fields in Hoboken. Today it’s baggy pants and dreds, in Rice’s day it was long hair and moustaches, and I remember the old-timers complaining about them. Funny that Rice complains about today’s ballplayers putting self before team: it was the Rice-era Red Sox who famously were known for “25 cabs for 25 ballplayers.”

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