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No blogging today

I’m heading for New York City with Miss Media Nation to take in the Titanic exhibit. Then off to Chef Yu.

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  1. O-FISH-L

    Just down the street from Chef Yu in the heart of Hell's Kitchen used to be Scruffy Duffy's (743 8th Ave), O-FISH-L's favorite NYC sports bar and a hangout for Fox News staffers, among many others. Owner Patrick Hughes was very good to the out of town cops who came down to help out post 9/11. Unfortunately, Scruffy's fell to "progress" last year and another nondescript skyscraper is going up in its place. Fondly recall chatting up Juliet Huddy and Shepherd Smith and finding out Smith's politics are more suited to MSNBC than FNC, despite his on-air persona. This was pre-Katrina, when Smith finally outed himself as a liberal. He's a chain-smoker and Heineken enthusiast to boot. Juliet is even prettier and nicer in person. The place had been the Bantry Bar for decades before it was Scruffy's. Sad to see old New York Dan – If you had waited a week, the Sox are at the new Yankee Stadium for four games starting next Thursday.

  2. O'Reilly

    No news on whether Whalen and Crowley did or didn't speak in front of Gates home about two black men with backpacks? It's been a few day now and what could be a minor error, should have easily been cleared up by now.

  3. Rory

    Was glad to learn recently that both Crowley and Gates are Irish cousins descended from Niall — no wonder O'Bama invited them for a beer!

  4. Dan Kennedy

    Fish: The last time I was there, with Rory O'Connor of Globalvision and Peter Szekely of the Newspaper Guild, I got an odd spicy bacon dish with greens. Very good, though so spicy I was sweating.My daughter's tastes are simpler. We split an order of scallion pancakes and an order of beef chow foon. Good stuff. If I'd been drinking, I'd have hoisted one to you.

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