Timothy Bassett, triple-dipper

Media Nation would like to apologize to Timothy Bassett, chairman of the Essex Regional Retirement Board, for calling him “a notorious double-dipper.” The old Lily Tomlin line comes to mind, because the Boston Globe’s Sean Murphy today reports that Bassett is actually a triple-dipper.

It seems that, in addition to drawing a $41,000-a-year state pension while being paid $123,000 to run the underperforming pension system, Bassett also works as a lobbyist, getting paid more than a half-million dollars since 2001.

Meanwhile, Stacie Galang of the Salem News reports that the retirement board violated the state’s open-meeting law when it locked the doors during its June 4 meeting. The Essex County district attorney’s office has ordered the board to acknowledge the violation at its next meeting.

The board responded by saying the lockout was necessary because it keeps confidential records in its meeting room. It makes you wonder how long this has been going on.

6 thoughts on “Timothy Bassett, triple-dipper

  1. Peter Porcupine

    DK – you are confusing ‘dipping’ with sources of income.‘Dipping’ in this context usually refers to pension monies; I had an uncle who received a US Navy pension, a New Jersey State Police pension, and Social Security. HE could be considered a Triple Dipper (or at least a double). However, this gentleman currently works in order to earn two out of the three sources of revenue.I have a job, and a second job, but I’m not a ‘double dipper’, or even a single, as I must produce for all of it; none is just collected. Unless you feel I am dipping into the worldwide lake of money.

  2. lkcape

    I'll go with a "double dipper" for his pension and his pay as for running the pensions system.His lobbying efforts seem more like cream skimming.

  3. Rick in Duxbury

    What's the over/under on how long it will take Bassett's lobbying firm to hire Tom Finneran when he "decides to leave the media business"?

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