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Sarah Palin quote of the day

From Sarah Palin’s Facebook page:

How sad that Washington and the media will never understand; it’s about country.

Uh, huh. No doubt folks from the pro-American parts of the country will understand.

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“We hold these truths to be self-evident”


Jan Schlichtmann, then and now


  1. Steve

    I wonder if she still considers North Carolina as "pro-American", or if blue states are not "pro-American" by her definition.Of all the speculation Palin's recent exploit, I find Mickey Kaus's list of theories (he's up to 14) to be among the most intriguing.My totally uninformed guess is that she's clearing her calendar to maximize her fund-raising potential, which outstrips anyone else's in the Republican field. But Kaus's observation that it's "no fun being a governor during a recession" is also well-taken.

  2. Peter Porcupine

    DK – remind me why this characterization is worse than liberals dismissing 'fly-over country' as in What's the MATTER with Kansas?

  3. sgpeople

    The only time I ever hear/read mentions of "flyover country" it is from people identifying themselves as being from "flyover country" and felling like they are being ignored by the coasts because they are from "flyover country." And "What's the Matter With Kansas" is a poor example since it is written by a born and bred Kansan about Kansas.

  4. Dan Kennedy

    PP: That's pretty vague. Got a national politician you can attribute that to?

  5. Bill H.

    I'm no Palin fan, but I like having her on the national scene. She keeps things interesting as everybody tries to understand her timing, motivation, etc. And, she has siphoned off just a little of the attention that would otherwise have been given to the seemingly bottomless Michael Jackson story. I hope she stays around for awhile.

  6. Steve

    PP: While both are insulting and dismissive, there is a vast difference in those statements. Residents of "fly-over country" are been called irrelevant; residents who don't inhabit "pro-American parts of the country" are being called traitors.I trust you understand the difference.

  7. acf

    The Palin announcement, as strange as it may seem, has given her what she wanted, lots of attention. The best thing we can do from here on out is to ignore her and not feed into it.

  8. Don, American

    Of course there are some parts of the country which are not pro-American. President Obama's bedroom, for one.

  9. O-FISH-L

    Sarah Palin is 100% correct. The same media and Washington liberal elites who relentlessly criticized Mitt Romney for being an absentee governor during the last two years of his term while he campaigned for POTUS, now shift gears to attack Palin for not doing the exact same thing. Amazingly, when asked to determine if this bias is contributing to the demise of conventional media, "experts" say no, blaming the internet instead. Too funny.

  10. mike_b1

    Don, if you have a problem with the way the country is today, you can leave. I doubt you will be missed.

  11. mike_b1

    Sarah Palin isn't 100% anything. Except a national joke.Did she ever learn how to spell Alaska?

  12. Rick in Duxbury

    "Don, if you have a problem with the way the country is today, you can leave. I doubt you will be missed."Oh wow, flashback to 1968!

  13. Bill H.

    Don, you need to take a reality check and review the results of the last election. If you hadn't noticed, Obama weathered all the crap that came his way and seems to have won handily. If your eggs are in the right wing, conservative basket, you have a lot of work to do. Get to it.

  14. sgpeople

    Strange that Romney campaigned for President between 2004-2006 when the election was in 2008. Equally strange that Palin would do the same thing, but then quit the job she began only 2 1/2 years ago to run for a job in 2012. Also strange that in her speech she basically said that only quitters quit, so I quit. I see that many Conservatives are cutting her loose, realizing, finally that she is insane, but they will be cut loose as well, by the shrinking cult of true believers who think of themselves as the true conservatives. If Palin does run in 2012, she'll be the Nader in the race, not the Reagan, as Reagan completed two terms as Governor, even though he barely had the faintest idea of what he was doing during the first term, when he signed the biggest tax increase in California history.

  15. Dunwich

    We'll there is Palin country out there. NBC did a feature on KY this evening. Sarah would be right at home there. She's a great character. I wish her and her offspring well. She'll make lots of cash and have a great time doing it. It just won't do a bit of good for the GOP.

  16. An Astute Observer

    I am still amazed at Dan Kennedy's obsession with anything/everything Palin….

  17. MeTheSheeple

    Astute: Like the more than three months Dan went without using Palin's name? There's a search at the top-left corner of your screen, you know.Considering Palin's been a national figure for … what, 10 months? a three-month stretch without a mention doesn't sound like obsession "with anything/everything" to me …

  18. An Astute Observer

    **Astute: Like the more than three months Dan went without using Palin's name? **Well, since she's been laying low for 10 months, she hasn't given him any fodder, I suppose. But one announcement, and he's pouncing on her already.Republicans dont even care about Palin anymore…I don't know why Dan should be bothering. Unless of course, he, like many other liberals, can't not respond to every times she sneezes and then find some fault with it.She's a Republican, Dan is not…I get it.**doesn't sound like obsession "with anything/everything" to me …**It's more the things he comments on…tanning beds, daughters pregnancy, now a Facebook entry. Nobody else gets that same scrutiny.We've had Deval, as disaster for Massachusetts..and for the last 1/2 year, there's been what…8 entries about him (now eliminate the gambling/Middleborough ones and theres even less.Sarah Palin makes a Facebook entry, and it warrants a post?

  19. O-FISH-L

    It's remarkable that a blog purportedly dedicated to media criticism seeks to examine Sarah Palin's Facebook page, but remains silent on the Washington Post's pay-to-play scandal. Perhaps Rachael Ray will start writing about physics soon, too.While we will never stop hearing plaudits of Obama's 2004 convention speech, clearly it was Palin's 2008 convention speech that was one for the ages, causing "progressives," in panic mode, to do whatever necessary, including the recent use of the "slutty" label and references to her 14 year-old daughter being raped by a Hispanic predator, to take Palin down. When the competition goes this nutty over a new product, you know you have a winner.

  20. mike_b1

    "When the competition goes this nutty over a new product, you know you have a winner."By that logic, Obama is the greatest president ever.(Which he might be, btw, so there's that …)

  21. Dan Kennedy

    Fish: This blog also purports to be about politics, technology and anything else I feel like writing about. Currently I'm assigned to write about the Washington Post disaster for the Guardian. That could change, since my day to write is kind of late in the cycle. I thought David Carr's take was definitive.Not So Astute: I love the way people assert my party affiliation as if they knew what they were talking about. No, I am not a Republican. I am also not a Democrat. If any liberal pundit has been tougher on Deval Patrick than I have over the past several years, I'd like to know about it. OK, maybe Joan Vennochi.

  22. meamoeba

    o-fish and astute, you have succeeded in wresting the nutty title from the loony left. but in order to retain the alliterative sobriquet, we'll now refer to you as crazy cons. you've earned it. well done.

  23. An Astute Observer

    In the tank Dan:**I love the way people assert my party affiliation as if they knew what they were talking about.**I don't think I said you were affiliated with a party, did I?I simply stated you were (definitely) not a Republican.**o-fish and astute, you have succeeded in wresting the nutty title from the loony left**Well, we could leave the comments section just to the liberals to pat themselves on the back and feign and compare their outrage…. I suppose that would make you much more comfortable.But instead of labeling and summarily dismissing anyone who doesn't agree with you, maybe realize there are a lot of people with different points of view. Understanding others perspectives would be more noble and enlightening.

  24. Dan Kennedy

    Not So Astute: To claim that you "simply stated" that I'm not a Republican is laughable. Perhaps I missed it when, after one of my numerous posts critical of Deval Patrick, you wrote:"He's a Democrat, Dan is not … I get it."Could you find that for me? I'm becoming more and more forgetful these days.

  25. An Astute Observer

    In-the-tank-Dan siad: **I'm becoming more and more forgetful these days.**And apparently more paranoid. Such is life….

  26. bob gardner

    As little regard as I have for Palin or her latest decision, her decision to quit doesn't seem worse that that of Governors Weld and Celucci. And her actions are certainly less bizarre than Mitt Romney's, who spent the better part of his campaign not only neglecting his duties but attacking and ridiculing the people who had elected him.

  27. Doug Shugarts

    If I were Roger Ailes, I'd spare no effort in building a prime-time show for Palin on Fox. And if I were Palin, I waste no time jumping into the host seat.

  28. mike_b1

    bob, Weld and Cellucci both left for other government appointments (though Weld wasn't confirmed).The same cannot be said of Palin.

  29. bob gardner

    Mike B1, Weld abandoned his post as Governor of Massachusetts for a non-existent appointment to an inconsequential job. Yeah, it's "different" from what Palin did, but you'd be hard pressed to make a case that her resignation was more bizarre than his. For one thing, she was able to stand next to that pond without jumping in, a skill that Weld never mastered. PS: Both Palin and Weld portrayed themselves as victims. Weld was a victim of Jesse Helms.

  30. mike_b1

    The ambassador to Mexico is hardly inconsequential.And Weld was a victim. Helms wouldn't even allow a vote. He was boned by a racist who should never have held public office, let alone led a Senate committee. Clearly, the Republicans insistence on promoting racists like Helms and hypocrites like Bush and Palin has gotten them where they are today — leaning on the edge of permanent irrelevance.

  31. An Astute Observer

    At the time, the ambassadorship to Mexico was very inconsequential. Kinda like the ambassadorship to Ireland. (Admittedly it has changed since.)Weld wasn't a victim, whatever his situation, he got himself into it.Palin is a hypocrite? She is one of the few people to stand up for their convictions.As far as Helms not allowing a vote….didn't the democrats do that for Bork and a few others as well?I guess it works both ways, doesn't it?

  32. mike_b1

    Palin? Convictions? That's a joke, right?Is quitting a conviction? The only convictions she knows are the ones that are handed down to her family members via the Alaskan judicial system. Wonder how much of her quitting is tied to the fact that she has been completely and utterly exposed as a fraud? Helms didn't allow a vote on a fellow Republican. There's a big difference right there. And if it were so inconsequential a position, why not allow the vote?

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