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Deep cuts at Boston magazine

Yesterday we learned from Jon Keller at “Beat the Press” and Adam Reilly of the Boston Phoenix that James Burnett was out as editor of Boston magazine.

Today comes word that that was just the beginning. Jessica Heslam of the Boston Herald and Johnny Diaz of the Boston Globe report that a total of six people were let go. According to Heslam, that prompted a seventh to quit.

Among those laid off were Paul Flannery, Boston’s online editor. Under Flannery’s leadership, the magazine’s Boston Daily blog at one time was a must-read — a smart and bitchy take on local politics and media.

But blogger Amy Derjue’s job was cut last year (she’s now spokeswoman for Boston City Councilor Mike Ross), which, as it turns out, was the beginning of the end. Combined with other cutbacks, cobwebs began to gather. Looks like the last post was on May 22.

Best wishes to the city’s newest job-seekers.

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  1. jhall

    Damn, I just subscribed, mainly to see what Mitchell has been doing with the design of the magazine. Wonder of I can get my money back.

  2. Southie

    Dan, I disagree that Boston Daily was a must read. I appreciate your loyalty to a fellow media blogger and I am guessing friend, but I found it to be full of errors, and an attempt to be the weekly dig without the curse words or industry knowledge….

  3. Dan Kennedy

    Southie: The two main voices of Boston Daily were Paul Flannery and Amy Derjue. Neither is a friend; I have never even met either one. I do think they did good and entertaining work, an assessment shared by other media folks I know.

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